About Us

Big Machines

BIG MACHINES is a pioneer in Light Concrete Block Machinary in India.
Founded in 2004, with an intend to provide the construction industry with latest light block manufacturing technologies. Today BIG MACHINES is a technology leader who constantly developes innovative products, breaking technological barriers to add values to its customer's businesses.


With its developing National Network, the BIG Machines Group
ensures a close and efficient response to its Customer's needs with a high level of expertise and know-how in the Light Concrete Block industry.

Our Mission

To provide reliable, customized and cost effective solutions to construction sector and thereby add value by Keeping our manufacturin always in progress. We aim at manufacturing our products to not only have a strong appearance, but also that the customers perceive something of great intrinsic value when they use it. We constantly strive to create future products that will stimulate the customer’s senses to bring about joy and excitement each time the product is used.

Our Vision

Is Promise for the future Generation To play an indispensable role in a global supply chain. This would be achieved by having the strength of the three combined effects; meeting the needs of the marketplace, advanced technology, and high-quality. Therefore, we will continue to provide the Construction market with the reliable quality by making full use of our core technology & skills

Quality Focus

Our professional team is well trained with relevant expertise in all the product categories in order to provide our customers with the most reliable results. We care about the quality of products. Our success gets validated when the end users use the product and “their heart leaps for joy” and “they are deeply moved”. We will create an unlimited future through valued manufacturing. We will be responsible for planning, development, and manufacturing; and be considered as the only manufacturer of its kind.